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Established in 1975, Gainsborough has evolved from a small residential letting business into an award winning Property Development Company. Gainsborough Developments is based in Egginton and the company directors are local to Etwall.


Chave Planning is a Derby-based, independent town planning consultancy assisting Gainsborough Property with the planning process for the proposed development.

What are we proposing?View 1_2_PS_Low Res

It is proposed to make an outline planning application for development comprising the following residential uses:

Elderly persons care home

A 60-bed care home for elderly people would be developed to meet the needs of the increasing older population in Etwall.

Over-55s residential development

13 bungalows and 12 apartments View 2_PS_Low Reswould be developed to provide housing specifically for people aged over 55. The properties would have 1 and 2 bedrooms and would be based around a ‘gatehouse’ building and open space providing a multi-purpose hub, site office, coffee shop and a bowling practice green. This could be used for a ‘Live at Home’ scheme for elderly people.

Self-build housing plots

27 self-build housing plots would be made available so that local people have the chance to build their own home.

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Site Location

Sketch Master Plan

Site Uses

Building Heights

Did you know?

• In 2011 the proportion of adults aged over 55 in Etwall was 47%, compared to 17% in South Derbyshire overall.

• Between 2011 and 2031 there is forecast to be a 55% increase in the number of people aged over 55 living in South Derbyshire.

• The current pipeline of housing supply only includes 3% housing for elderly people.

Our Commitments

• The proposals will be of high quality design, with control over the design of the self-build plots through a design code.

• Trees and the stone wall along the site frontage will be retained.

• The development will not increase surface water runoff from the site and so it will not exacerbate flooding problems in Etwall.

• If any improvements to the sewerage system and sewage treatment works are required to provide capacity for the proposed development then these will be carried out before the development is occupied.

• Gainsborough Developments will take in to account feedback received in response to this consultation when finalising the proposals in the outline planning application.

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